About us

Kaznowski & Associates was formed in 1995, although it can trace its roots back to 1990, when Andrzej Kaznowski arrived in Poland and created the predecessor to Kaznowski & Associates. 

We have over two and a half decades of experience in providing translation services and managing translation projects for our clients. This experience is invaluable and can only be acquired the hard way - by doing things right!

From the very start we specialised in translations for the very demanding business sector, dealing in financial, business, legal, technical, marketing and medical texts. We now have translation specialists in the whole range of translations for business and industry in Poland and abroad.

We are an unusual company in that we conduct almost no advertising, preferring to rely on our quality, reliability and excellent reputation to bring in new work. This has resulted in perhaps slower growth than other companies but a very solid foundation and sound business practices that are exactly what our customers demand from us. Put simply, we simply cannot afford to offer anything other than the best because we have no fallback on marketing to make up for poor quality or management.